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So you have a book that you want the world to see, and you figure that you want to tap into the super-massive audience that my blog would expose you to? (depending on how you define super-massive) Well this is your lucky day because I am currently looking for books to review. All you have to do is send me a short teaser of your book and your contact info. I will accept electronically published materials or physical copies of your book.

Please send to michaelandrewtate (AT) gmail (dot) com

WARNING: I will give your book an honest review. And sometimes that means I will not like it. Now, I won't just shred a book because I didn't like it. I am refined enough to know when a story just does not work for me because of personal reasons and when it lacks fundamental elements that make a story a story. So if your feelings are easily injured and you don't want to take that risk, I suggest you go elsewhere.

See this wonderful post by Jamie Dement on "Should Writers Review Books" to get a good picture of what you can expect.

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