Wednesday, August 11, 2010


“I was in Geno’s Bakery, picking up some rolls, when you walked in with a couple of your thugs. I’ve known you from around the neighborhood and figured what you were up to. Then I see you go into the corner market and the dry cleaners. It doesn’t take a genius.”
The man pulled the gun away from her head. “Alright. But then why come in here? Why should you give a fuck?”
“I didn’t want to just stand around and let you extort these poor people. I had to do something.”
“Admirable, but if I didn’t do it, somebody else would. You can’t stop people like me. It’s what we do.”
“So I was right? That’s what you were doing?”
“No, I was going in there to give them coupons to my bar.” He said in a sarcastic voice then resumed his normal tone. “There’s a reason I stuck a gun to your head. Do you get that?” Lizzy nodded. “So keep your trap shut or you’ll end up like Johnny Krause.”
“Didn’t he drown?”
“You killed him?”
“Yea. With my own two hands. And you’ll be next.” He walked to the corner of the room and picked up the golf club, handing it back to Lizzy. “Now get the fuck out of my office, and let me never see you in here again.”
Lizzy nodded and walked out with her head held low. As soon as she reached the street, she reached into her pocked, stopped the tape recorder, and walked towards the local police station.

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