Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Lizzy went over to his desk and opened the drawer. Alone next to some extra ammunition, sat a bulging white envelope. She peeled the flap open, revealing a bundle of $100 bills. She slid the envelope into her pocket.
“I’m taking this money back to the people you extorted it from.”
The man smiled and brought his arms down. “I’ll just have to take it right back then.”
She nodded, walked over to him, and kneed the man in the chin. He fell back to the floor and rolled around on the carpet, spitting out blood. “You better hope I don’t hear of you doing anything like that.” She put her foot on the man’s face. “Because I will never forget that you shot me, and I will take my revenge on you, and you won’t like it. I don’t play fair and I don’t get even. I go ahead.”
She spit on the man and walked out, holding her arm tight to slow the bleeding.

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