Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Lizzy took a couple steps towards the chair. She prodded at the base of the man’s desk with the club then brought it above her head and swung at him. The man was faster than the nine iron though, and fired his gun.

Unable to make contact with the man, Lizzy jerked back and felt a stinging sensation run up her left arm. Her white sleeve slowly turned red as blood soaked into the fabric. The man stood up, still pointing the gun at her. “I said, have a fucking seat.”
She staggered towards the desk, and leaned towards the man. Before he could react, Lizzy, using her right arm, struck the man’s gun and it shot across the desk and landed on the floor. They both broke towards the spot where the gun lie, Lizzy getting there just before the man.
He grabbed for Lizzy’s throat with one hand and tried to secure the gun with the other, but she bit him and managed to free the gun. She took a step back, now holding the muzzle at the man’s head. “You wanted me to have a seat? Now you’re going to get on your fucking knees.”
The man knelt down on the carpet and put his hands over his head.

Does Lizzy:

A: Let the man live and rob him
B: Execute him

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